“The wise person neither stains his own honor…”

Always think good of what your friend does, unless you hear something definite about his conduct that would compel you to part with him. Beware of your enemy and be cautious with your friends, except the faithful and truthful among them and certainly, only those who fear Allaah are faithful and truthful to their friends.

As Abu Hatim said:

“The wise person neither stains his own honor nor teaches himself the ways and means of evil by accompanying the wicked. Rather, the wise strives to protect his honor and better his own self by associating with the righteous. Ultimately, experience exposes the true reality of all people as compared to what their outward appearance suggests” [Rawdat Al-Uqalaa]

About Umm Abdulazeez

"I am a Muslim who is upon the Qur'aan and the Sunnah and upon the methodology of the Salaf As-Saalih (Pious Predecessors). And that can be said in short by saying, 'I am a Salafee' " [Shaykh Al-Albaanee رحمه الله] ________ Sufyaan Ath-Thawree (rahimahullaah) said: “Indeed knowledge should only be learned for the purpose of fearing Allaah. Indeed, knowledge has been given virtue over other than it because with it Allaah is feared.” [Jaam'i Bayaan al-'Ilm wa Fadlihi by Imaam Ibn Abdil-Barr (rahimahullaah)]
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2 Responses to “The wise person neither stains his own honor…”

  1. S says:

    Assalamualaikum. Who is Abu Hatim ?

  2. Wa ‘alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu.

    Abu Haatim is the nick (kunya) name of Sheikh Muhammad bin Hibbaan bin Ahmad bin Hibbaan At-Tamiymiy Al-Bustiy born on 270ah and died in the year 354ah.

    He was one of the famous scholar of the ahlus sunnah wal jamaah.

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