Deceptions of Iblees Upon the Women – Ibn al-Jawzi in his book ‘Talbees Iblees’

Imaam Ibn Al-Jawzî (rahimahullah) mentions in his book ‘Talbees Iblees’

As for the deceptions of Iblees upon the women then they are very many, I have written a separate book just for the women (1). I have mentioned in it what is related to them with regards to all the acts of worship and other than that. I will mention here just a few words of the deceptions of Iblees upon them.

From that is that the woman will finish her menstruation after the Sun has risen, so she will take the ghusl after the time of Asr and she will pray the Asr prayer only, and the Dhur prayer was compulsory upon her to pray!

From them are those who will delay the ghusl for two days, making the excuse that she has to wash her clothes.

Maybe she will delay the ghusl from janaabah in the night to the rising of the sun. And when she enters the bathroom she will not cover herself and she says: “Me and my sister,my mother and my slave girl are women just like me, so from who should I cover up from?!” and all of this is Haraam.

It is not allowed for the woman to look at what is between the navel and the knees of another woman (others from the scholars have included the breasts and chest also) even if it is her daughter or her mother except if the daughter is a small child, but when she reaches seven years of age then she is to cover up and to be covered from.

Maybe the woman will pray sitting down while she is able to pray standing. The salaah will then be invalid. Maybe she will make the excuse of the impurity of her clothes because of the urine of her child (she prays with impure clothes) while she is able to wash them. but if she was to leave the house she will adorn herself and even borrow clothes! she is lax with regards to the salaah.

Maybe she does not know any of the rulings with regards to the salaah and she will not ask. Maybe she will uncover that of herself that will cause her salaah to be invalid and she won’t pay it any attention.

Maybe she won’t take care with regards to having a miscarriage, and she doesn’t know that if she has a miscarriage with that which has a soul blown into it then she has killed a Muslim!.

Maybe she will live with her husband in an evil manner, she may speak to him with that which is haraam and she will say: ” This is the father of my children and that is all that is between us” and she will leave the house without his permission and she says: “I didn’t go out to sin” while she doesn’t know that leaving the house without his permission is a sin in its self!

From them are those whom their husbands call to the bed (to have sexual relations)and she refuses, she thinks that this refusal is not a sin while she is forbidden to do so from what has been reported by way of Abu Hurairah رضى الله عنه that the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه و سلم said:

“If the man calls his woman to the bed and she refuses, and she spends the night while he is angry with her, the angels curse her until she reaches the morning.” (Bukhaari & Muslim)

She will spend carelessly out of the wealth of her husband, and it is not allowed for her take anything out of the house except with his permission or she knows he will be pleased with that.


(1) Ahkaam Nisaa.
Taken from: Umm Khidr’s Blog

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