Divorcing the wife for no reason

Question: Does the husband incur sin if he divorces his wife for no reason?

Sheikh Zayd ibn Muhammad al-Madkhalee, may Allaah preserve him, says: The reason behind him divorcing her must be looked into. If he has a valid excuse for why he divorced her, then there is no problem (in him doing so).

However, if he mistreated her and divorced her for no reason whatsoever, she doesn’t have any (outstanding) flaws in her manners or physical makeup or any offense transpired on her behalf, then there is no doubt that he sins.

Because he treated her wrongly and probably she has no family hence becoming a victim of poverty and destitution. So it is upon the men to fear Allaah.

The marital life of the believing men and women is connected (i.e. between them in this worldly life and the next). The wife of a slave in this world will be his wife in Paradise in the highest degree of beauty and perfection, more superior than the hoor al- ‘eeyn due to her prayers, fasting and belief in Allaah.

So it is upon the Muslim to be very diligent (upon holding onto his wife) if Allaah facilitates for him a woman from amongst the people of Tawheed, prayer and fasting.

And if certain things occur from her of crookedness or mistakes, then he corrects them to the best of his ability. (And know!) That there isn’t any person except that they have faults and are prone to make mistakes. However sticking to and applying patience is (from) the mannerisms of the Mu’mineen….. Na’m.

The reader of the question states: He’s (also) asking about the statement of The Most High: But if you intend to replace a wife with another…. 4:20?

The Sheikh says: Na’m if he wants to however because of a reason. It isn’t intended for the man to change (i.e. divorce) his wife who he has taken care of and lived with for sometime except because of a reason that forces him to divorce (her). (If that is the case) then there isn’t anything wrong with it.


[Source: http://z-salafi.com/v2/action?s_menu=23&idFatwa=2785|Translator: Abu Fouzaan Qaasim]

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