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Hasten to do good deeds before you are Overtaken!

Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him, reported: “The  Messenger of Allaah, may Allaah bless him and raise his rank, said, “Hasten to do good deeds before you are overtaken by one of the seven afflictions.” Then (giving a warning) … Continue reading

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Fitnah of Dajjaal

QUESTION: We hear about the Dajjaal and the Fitnah (tribulations) surrounding him, from which the Messenger (peace be upon him) sought refuge (in Allah), and we have been commanded to seek refuge (in Allah) from his fitnah. So who is … Continue reading

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Major Signs Before the Day of Judgement

1. The Emergence of the Dajjaal – Linguistically, Dajjaal is derived from the word dajl, which means lying and impostering. Religiously, it refers to a man who is an imposter and who will appear during the Last Days, claiming lordship. His … Continue reading

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