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The Position of the Salafī Scholars towards the Conflict in Syria and Groups Such as ISIS and al-Nusrah

The reality of what the Salafi scholars say about ISIS, al-Nuṣrah, al-Qaeda and politically charged extremist groups in light of misleading media reports. They have pledged allegiance to the Devil.” [Shaykh Abdul Muḥsin ʿAbād on those who give allegiance to … Continue reading

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The Great Debate of Ibn ‘Abbās with the Khawārij1

The Debate (Ibn ‘Abbās narrated:) When the Harūriyyah (the Khawārij) rebelled, they isolated themselves in a place. There were 6000 of them and they were united in rebelling against ‘Alī. Continuously people would come to ‘Alī and say, “Oh Leader … Continue reading

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