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Question: As long as we are not mocking the religion, are we permitted in Islam to make jokes? Answer:  As long as you are truthful in your humor, and as long as you do not go to excesses, humor, witticisms, … Continue reading

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Divorce is no joke

Question: Will a woman be divorced if her husband jokingly said to her: “You are divorced.”? Answer: Whoever jokingly divorces, then his divorce is applicable as long as he intended a divorce. And if he was joking with his wife … Continue reading

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Sheikh Uthaymeen: Humor while answering

Some humorous tidbits from the Fatwas of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Uthaymeen (d. 2001): Q – Sheikh, my question is: what is the ruling about a young lady who has not reached adulthood with regards to the following three situations: … Continue reading

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