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Ruling on women uncovering their hands and feet in Salah

Q: Which parts of the body should a woman cover in Salah (Prayer)? Should she cover her hands in Salah? If a part of her feet becomes uncovered, does this render her Salah invalid? A: A woman’s entire body is … Continue reading

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The Ruling of a woman delaying the Salatul Ishaa’ considering her commitment to her children and her household chores

The Host says: This is a sister asking question, she said: It’s from my custom to delay the Ishaa’ prayer considering my commitment to my children and being in the kitchen? Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzaan says: Al-Ishaa’? The Host: Yes Shaykh … Continue reading

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A woman invalidating a woman’s prayer

  Question #7: “The woman who has reached puberty invalidates the prayer by her passing in front of the one praying, so does she invalidate the prayer of a woman?” Shaykh al-Albānī answers: “Yes, the woman invalidates the prayer of … Continue reading

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Advice to Mothers Whose Children Distract Their Prayers

QUESTION: A woman prays in her house, having many young children and no family members or servants to assist her. She feels that her prayers are always deficient or unacceptable as a result of her lack of concentration due to … Continue reading

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What Is The Ruling Regarding The Rows Of The Women?

Is The Worst Of The Rows The First and The Best The Last In All Circumstances, or Is This In The Case When There Is No Screen Between The Men And The Women? Al-Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen (may Allaah … Continue reading

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Ruling on performing Salah in clothes with pictures

Q: Is it permissible for a woman to perform Salah (Prayer) in clothes that have pictures on them? We would be grateful if you could explain this point. May Allah reward you with the best! ? (Part No. 7; Page … Continue reading

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The ruling concerning praying in a dress and thin translucent stockings

Question: What is the ruling concerning a woman dressing in a thin cloak that shows her clothing? Similarly, what is the ruling concerning wiping over thin, translucent stocking, called nylon stockings? Response: It is not allowed for a woman to … Continue reading

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Is There a Difference Between The Prayer Of The Man & The Woman?

The Messenger sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: “Pray as you have seen me praying” And that which is understood from this Hadeeth is that there is no difference between the prayer of the man and the prayer of the woman, … Continue reading

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Woman Praying without Socks or With a Short Garment?

Questioner: Our teacher, many women go to the masjid for prayer without socks, they perform their prayer without socks. Shaikh Al-Albani: Whether they go or not (to the masjid) their prayer in their houses without socks is an invalid prayer. … Continue reading

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