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The night of Al-Qadr is the best night

Q: On this great occasion of the Night of Al-Qadr (Decree), we hope from Your Eminence to lecture to Muslims concerning it. A: The Night of Al-Qadr is the best of all nights. Allah sent down the Qur`an in it … Continue reading

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Exerting Oneself During the Last Ten Days of Ramadaan

‘Aa’ishah (raa) said: “When the last ten days (of Ramadaan) would come, the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallaam) would spend his night in worship, wake his family (at night), exert himself and tighten his Izaar (waistcloth).” [1] This hadeeth is … Continue reading

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The good and desired actions (specified) for Ramadhaan

The good and desired actions (specified) for Ramadhaan are many, amongst them (are): Taking care in performing that which Allaah has made obligatory in Ramadhaan and (the) other (months) from the salaah (prayer) and the fasting. After that, increasing in … Continue reading

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7 Practical Tips for praying Qiyaam al-Layl

Qiyaam’ means ‘standing’ and ‘Qiyaam al-Layl’ means ‘standing in night.’ In the Islamic terminology, both terms refer to, ‘the voluntary night prayer, whose time extends from after Isha prayer until dawn.’ Other common names for Qiyaam al-Layl are, Salaat ul-Layl … Continue reading

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The difference between Taraweeh, Qiyaam and Tahajjud

Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked: What is the difference between Taraweeh, Qiyaam and Tahajjud? Please advise us, may you be rewarded. He replied: Prayer at night is called tahajjud or qiyaam al-layl, as Allah … Continue reading

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